A1 Tray denesting technology


Tray denesting technology

A1 technology

The A1 tray denesting technology was developed and patented by JKT in 2003. The technology was developed for denesting of plastic trays manufactured in a way so that there is a horizontal distance between the trays when they are stacked.

The A1 technology denests trays in all common plastic materials. Trays manufactured as quadratic, rectangular, oval, round or to customer-specific designs can be denested.

In addition, aluminium trays can be denested.

Assessment of trays

New requests mean that we assess the new tray and a very detailed tray report is prepared. The report describes in detail the quality of the tray and if the tray is appropriate for industrial tray denesting.

Assessment of trays

When JKT designs a denesting tool for a specific tray, the tool will also be a specific one and precisely adapted to the tray. JKT’s vast experience built over the years makes us capable of taking on all tray denesting assignments.

Modular A1 tray denesting tools

The A1 tray denesting tool consists of several different mechanical components. All these components come in many variations and designs, which means that we can always find the right combinations in order to offer the right tray denesting solution.

When the A1 tray denesting tool is dimensioned, we make allowances for the various properties of the tray:

  • Measurements and variations.
  • Stacking distance.
  • Design, size and placement of stacking lugs.
  • Design of the tray edge.
  • Foil material CPET, PP , PET , OPS , PE, aluminium, etc.
  • Foil thickness and weight.
  • The desired denesting speed (trays/min.).

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