Jysk Konstruktions Teknik A/S (JKT) is a development and engineering company that specialises in development and manufacture of tray denesting equipment.

JKT has since 2003 supplied professional tray denesting solutions to industry in Denmark and abroad. This has provided JKT with unique experience and know-how, which is today internationally renowned.

In this entire period the A1 tray denesting technology has met the tough quality requirements of the food industry. This includes requirements about uptimes and requirements of a minimum of service and mechanical maintenance.

JKT has developed a new tray denesting technology with the name A2. It is described as being:

The A2 technology was developed for denesting of tightly stacked trays manufactured in a way so there is no horizontal distance between them.
Apart from error-free denesting of these trays, denesting takes place even when the length, width and centricity tolerances exceed what is indicated in the trays’ data sheets.

JKT`s most recent product is a technical and epoch-making breakthrough. This means that a year-long desire from the plastic tray manufacturers and their customers has been fulfilled.

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Jysk Konstruktions Teknik A/S

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